Major in Philosophy

This traditional undergraduate philosophy major (24-1) is designed to provide familiarity with the history and current status of the main problems in epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics; mastery of some of the technical skills requisite for advanced work in philosophy; facility at independent philosophical study; and work at an advanced level in an allied field.

Required Subjects

One Introductory Philosophy subject 24.00-24.09*. An appropriate Philosophy Concourse subject may be substituted.
(*may not also satisfy the departmental distribution requirement listed below)

One History of Philosophy subject:

24.01 Classics in Western Philosophy (CI-H)
24.201 Topics in the History of Philosophy (CI-M)
or another subject with a history of philosophy orientation, as determined by the major advisor in consultation with the instructor.

One Knowledge and Reality subject:

24.05 Philosophy of Religion
24.08J Philosophical Issues in Brain Science (CI-H)
Minds and Machines (CI-H)
24.111 Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
24.211 Theory of Knowledge
24.212 Philosophy of Perception
24.215 Topics in the Philosophy of Science
24.221 Metaphysics (CI-M)
24.251 Introduction to Philosophy of Language (CI-M)
24.253 Philosophy of Mathematics
24.280 Foundations of Probability

One Value subject:

24.013 Philosophy and the Arts (CI-H)
Moral Problems and the Good Life (CI-H)
24.03 Good Food: The Ethics and Politics of Food (CI-H)
24.04J Justice (CI-H)
24.06J Bioethics (CI-H)
24.07 The Ethics of Climate Change (CI-H)
24.120 Moral Psychology (CI-M)
24.140J Literature and Philosophy
24.222 Decisions, Games and Rational Choice
24.230 Metaethics
24.231 Ethics (CI-M)
24.235J Philosophy of Law (CI-M)
24.236 Topics in Social Theory and Practice
24.237J Feminist Thought (CI-M)

One Logic Subject:

24.118 Paradox and Infinity
24.241 Logic I
24.242 Logic II
24.243 Classical Set Theory
24.244 Modal Logic
24.245 Theory of Models
or a logic subject from another department (e.g., Mathematics) with the approval of the major advisor.


24.260 Topics in Philosophy (CI-M)

Restricted Electives
A coherent program of five additional subjects, of which two must be in philosophy, with the approval of the major advisor.

Notes on Major

  • No more than four of the total number of philosophy subjects for the major may be introductory philosophy subjects.
  • At least three of the total number of philosophy courses must be at the 200-level or above.
  • To satisfy the requirements that students take two CI-M subjects, students must take one of: 24.120, 24.201, 24.221. 24.231, 24.235, 24.237, or 24.251

  • All but [2] HASS requirement subjects can be from the department program.

Contact Information:

Tamar Schapiro | Undergraduate Officer & Advisor |
Jennifer Purdy | Undergraduate Administrator |