Major in Linguistics and Philosophy

Program 2, also known as the Program in Language and Mind, aims to provide students with a working knowledge of a variety of issues that currently occupy the intersection of philosophy, linguistics, and cognitive science. Central among these topics are the nature of language, of those mental representations that we call “knowledge” and “belief,” and of the innate basis for the acquisition of certain types of knowledge (especially linguistic knowledge). Students have the option of pursuing either a philosophy track or a linguistics track. Both require a core set of subjects drawn from both fields and are designed to teach students the central facts and issues in the study of language and the representation of knowledge. Each track requires, in addition, a set of subjects drawn primarily from its discipline and is designed to prepare students for graduate study either in philosophy/cognitive science or in linguistics.

Required subject for both tracks:

One of the following:

24.900 Introduction to Linguistics (CI-H)
24.9000 How Language Works

note: 24.900 and 24.9000 are equivalent subjects; credit cannot be received for both

Students choose either a linguistics or philosophy track