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Ethics & AI @ MIT

The Tools of Moral Philosophy

"Framing a discussion of the risks of advanced technology entirely in terms of ethics suggests that the problems raised are ones that can and should be solved by individual action."

SHASS Computing and Society Concentration

The Computing and Society Concentration introduces students to critical thinking about the social and ethical dimensions of computing.

Drawing on selected classes from nine MIT-SHASS units, this concentration helps students understand that computing is a social practice with profound human implications, and that the humanities and social sciences offer insights to improve the cultural, ethical and political impact of contemporary and future technology.

Concentration requirement: four subjects taken from nine MIT-SHASS units:

Anthropology (Course 21A)
Comparative Media Studies/Writing (CMS & Course 21W)
Global Languages (Course 21G)
History (Course 21H)
Linguistics and Philosophy (Course 24)
Literature (Course 21L)
Political Science (Course 17)
Science, Technology, and Society (STS)
Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS)
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