MITx Classes

We have three online philosophy courses, each of which is offered once a year. We give certificates and awards for high performance in these courses. The courses are hosted by edX, an online learning destination and MOOC provider founded by MIT and Harvard University in 2012.

Learn how to ask and answer big questions. Pursue a verified certificate to have your work graded and commented upon by professional philosophers.

An introduction to highlights from the technical side of philosophy–from the higher infinite to Gödel’s Theorem.


An introduction to philosophy of mind, exploring consciousness, reality, AI, and more. The most in-depth philosophy course available online.


MITx Philosophy Awards

Students displaying exceptional performance on MITx’s philosophy MOOCs are eligible for the MITx Philosophy Award. High-School students are eligible for both the MITx Philosophy Award and the MITx High School Philosophy Award. See below for profiles of current and past winners.