Reading Groups

Groups meet in the 9th floor lounge; please contact the organizers for details.

Epistemology Reading Group

Organizer: Eliot & Joshua

AI Ethics Reading Group

Thursdays (bi-weekly), 5-6pm
Organizer: Milo Phillips-Brown

The MIT AI and Ethics discussion group aims to facilitate interdisciplinary, institute-wide discussions about AI technology and the concerns they motivate.

SHAPE (Social philosophy, History, Aesthetics, Political philosophy or Ethics)

Organizers: Anni & Eliza


Mondays 5:30-7pm
Organizer: Abe

For MIT graduate students, discusses work in progress, regress.

Philosophy Sandbox

Fridays, 4-5pm (on non-colloquium days).
Organizer: Marion

Covers the vast swathes of philosophy not included above. Anything goes.