Travel Funding Policy for Philosophy Graduate Students

Philosophy students will be reimbursed up to a total of $3,000 for travel costs associated with attending a philosophy conference. When attending a conference where the topic is not philosophy, you can be reimbursed provided the conference is related to your research project.

Travel funds will be made available to students for the five years they’re in the program. Those students that do register for a sixth year immediately following their fifth year in the program and have not been reimbursed a total of $3000 in travel costs, may request reimbursement for attending a conference or job talk.  The total reimbursement cannot exceed $3000. Students registered beyond the sixth year, do not have access to the department’s travel funding.

The first step to using these travel funds is asking the chief COG for approval. This must be done before you travel. The chief COG will approve requests if and only if the student is in good standing in the program.  If approved, the chief COG will inform the student, Jen and Matt by email.

Students can attend more than one conference; however, the total travel reimbursement is $3,000. Students may not use these funds for support to attend classes at a different school, a summer school and/or for the purchase of equipment.